Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was so excited/passionate about starting this blog.  But I have not posted as much as I thought I would.  So many thoughts zoom in and out of my mind like asteroids in the solar system, its hard to push pause and actually articulate.  My commitment though, is to try harder, but not force it.  When you force a thing, it breaks.  I just gotta let it flow like water. As fine ass Bruce Lee (rip) says,  "be water my friend".  So lately I been thinking about ME.  My likes, dislikes, ism's, and skism's.  We all have them.  Thought I'd share a few of mine.  Like to hear it? Hear it go?

I am bass ackwards. 
  and i like it.

I've always considered myself to be an old soul (thanks Gran)

During my younger school days, i was always the one to run away from the fights,  stay the hell out of mess, and be friends with the "underdog"

In high school,  I thought I was Left Eye from TLC for a lil bit.

I used to eat the hell out of ice and be standing in front the oven while eating it.

Terrible liars raise your hand
***both hands raised***   so i just dont lie

I consider my middle name to be "plain jane"

I always wished I could sing

I'm a flirt

I love the thrill of "the chase"
I have way too many journals with unfinished thoughts/phrases/poems.

I love to write, but get in the way of my own thoughts more often than not

Never considered myself a writer, poet, or hella deep.  AND my confidence level to put my writings "out there" is pretty low especially when I know so many of my artists/poet friends are REALLY good.

I'm more comfy talking to my dad about VARIOUS subjects than my mom.

Hate the fact, that its really difficult to make women friends. 

Will never trust a man or woman who can not look me in the eyes

Grew up with mostly mexicans

Often wonder how my life would have been different if I grew up in Cali or Third Ward

I have absolutely NO sense of direction

I think a man's forearm is the sexiest part of his body...then his walk.  I check those two things first

I am not super experienced in the realm of relationships

I used to eat Mac and Cheese for breakfast every morning

I worked at Target and used to steal during hard times (The creator knew my heart)--- unapologetic for my theft

I was never a latchkey kid mainly because we never had any need to lock our door at home.  Nor did we have keys to the damn doors....
**shits changed since then***

I was in the drill team in HS....the token black girl.

I would charge all the white girls five dollars each,  when they wanted their hair braided for the friday football games.

I was always the last one to get picked up from practice because we did not own a car.

After being in a 8 yr relationship( my first, my daughter's father, and I never cheated on him), I couldnt imagine rushing into another

But now 6 years later,  I THINK I'm ready.  That might change if  it rains.

I am often ALL over the place,  there is so much I want to learn.

But sometimes, taking in so much info,  I forget what i've learned.... (defeats the purposed)

Lately, been really getting into auras, dreams, meditation and the like.  ---finding it as my comfort zones.

Never used to really remember my dreams,  but now they are becoming more clear and memorable and boy are they weeeeiiiirrddd.

I can appreciate a good hard slap on the ass

Or a morning "alarm clock"

So not opposed to trying new things sexually.  Mainly out of curiousity after being with one person for 8yrs, one can only imagine.

I LOVE my family.

Was afraid of death for a long time, until I was forced to embrace and celebrate it.

I'm a good girl, but i've had my heart broken and my ego crushed.

I'm good at bouncing back though. 

Being a single mom is so challenging.  With a girl child, I often times find myself wanting to slap the shit out of her, choke the shit out her, and body slam her. But then she looks at me with those eyes.

And she is my proudest accomplishment to date.

I get super impatient with myself, when I find my life is not moving in the direction I want it to quick enough.

Never really like clothes shopping.  I am a purse, shoes, and lip chap junkie tho.

Been having really scary dreams lately of my house being broken into while me and my daughter are sleeping.

Still reallly wanna learn how to sew,  be a yoga instructor,  massage thereapists,  own a vegan cafe,  and finish my damn degree.

I'm a picky eater.  Textures and certain smells, just dont do it for me.

Sometimes i'm a laugh away from crying.

Sometimes I need a good kick in the ass, to get motivated

I'm terrible at preliminaries, but I once I get started there's no stopping

damn, are you bored yet?  I am .... unitl next time...... peace.

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