Friday, May 27, 2011

giving thanks

I'm so thankful that my baby girl successfully completed the first grade.  Yesterday, was her last day.  We had some hard mornings, days, and evenings but most importantly, we survived.  Now I can't believe that she will be entering gifted and talented 2nd grade.  I'm thankful that I was successful with my school endeavors and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Both she and I excelled this school year even with our trials and I'm extremely humbled and thankful.  Now I'm looking forward to a happy, fun summer to rejuvenate and get ready for the next school year.

Give thanks

Thursday, May 26, 2011

salutations earthlings!

Read this in one of my meditation books today and thought I'd share:

Four steps to expanding your understanding of spiritual truths:

1.) Study-read or listen to spiritual teachings about the truth.

2.) Reflect-contemplate the deeper meaning of the words.

3.) Apply-use the teachings in life.

4.) Integrate-become one with knowledge.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

um wow

I don't necessarily believe in these dream dictionary type thingy's, but I cannot get this dream out of my head.  So I just googled it out of curiosity; I'm a little floored, I cant even lie. Because it is in perfect alignment with my theory from my previous blog.  See below:


dream cantaloupeWhether they were growing in the field, on the vine, or harvested, these delightful melons signify love, peace, and prosperity; however, if you dreamed of eating cantaloupe, it signifies a minor physical upset.


cantaloupe dreams

So I had the craziest dream last night.  I never liked the fruit cantaloupe when I was younger.  My gran (RIP), however, absolutely loved cantaloupe.  I mean she would tear a bowl of the fruit up in a heartbeat.  So as I got older, and she became more dependent, I would feed her cantaloupe.  One day, I decided to take another shot at eating some, and I nibbled a few pieces off of her fork.  I immediately fell in love with cantaloupe.  I sat and enjoyed a bowl with my gran. We sat silently and contentedly eating our fruit.  She and I communicated without communicating our love for each other. That memory didn't come back until this am, when I was remembering my crazy dream from last night. 

I was in a backyard,  I think it was my moms backyard.  There were bountiful amounts of cantaloupe hanging from the porch and trees everywhere filled with big juicy cantaloupes.  My aunt Lucille (on my dads side) was on a ladder, picking some of the fruit from the trees.  I was looking up at her and talking.  Aunty Lucille gave me some seeds to plant my own cantaloupe.  I began planting them right there in my moms backyard.  Not even five minutes later, the cantaloupe started growing right in front of my eyes.  I mean they were huge, and the more I removed, the more kept coming.  That was the end of my dream.

I'm taking this as a message from my gran(RIP).Bountiful fruits (monetary, spiritually, physically,relationship) are on their way. I just have to plant the seeds. Change is coming and I need not worry myself. Prosperity is in the works, not only for me, but my family and I will be the root. I'm listening gran.  Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today, I am holding a vibratory meditation.  In every action, I will be rhythmic.   In every word spoken,  I will be resounding.  In every breath taken,  I will fill my lungs with thanks and praise.  Vibratory meditation.

In this day, I claim greatness.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giving myself grief

I felt real shitty yesterday.  My daughter's 1st grade graduation was yesterday and I could not make it.  I had to work.  I wish someone, if not me, was there to support her.  When I picked her up from school, the first thing she said was "Mommie, I'm mad at you."  Then she proceeded to list all of her classmates parents, who were in attendance.  I felt like crap.  It was just circumstances that I can't control.  I am a single mother. Her dad is not here.  So I apologized a million and one times to her, and tried to explain why mommie could not make it in hopes that she would have some sort of understanding.  Idk, I just needed to get this out, so that I could stop replaying that conversation in my head.  I know if I could have made it, I would.  Note to self, I'm catching a cold for the next big event in her school.  I cant deal with that feeling again.   Now back to thinking light.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Respect my Hueman

Yo, I bleed blood too
Please remove me from your pedestal
And quit telling me, I'm acting brand new
When I get angry
Cuz you used to seeing me smile
Can't a good girl, be a bitch once in a while?
Yes, I choose happiness
Yes, I choose drama free
But still,  please allow me to be me
I didn't ask for expectations
I have none of you
Please let this Hueman
Have her moment too
Before long, I'll return to happy
But in the meantime
Respect my space
We each need our time and place
When the sun aint always shining
Sometimes the rain must fall
To fertilize
Our seeds planted
But know there's growth from it all
So will you remove me from your pedestal?
And know that I, too must err
Yo, I bleed blood too
My perfect, imperfections
I willingly share

Signed Angry Black Woman-Hero

Fuck Amerikkka
Home to the heroes and house negroes
Bred on a land saturated with
Our Mother's aborted births
Our Father's diluted manhood
Fuck Amerikkka
What have you done for me lately?
No, I'm not Ms. Jackson
But this CUNTry got my brothas
Singing sorry Ms. Jackson
Like a remixed negro spiritual
Fuck Amerikkka
Home to the heroes and house negroes
Some choose to rebel
Some choose to conform
House Negro
Shall we overcome
By any means necessary?
El Hajj and King
Would agree
Why can't we


I was so excited/passionate about starting this blog.  But I have not posted as much as I thought I would.  So many thoughts zoom in and out of my mind like asteroids in the solar system, its hard to push pause and actually articulate.  My commitment though, is to try harder, but not force it.  When you force a thing, it breaks.  I just gotta let it flow like water. As fine ass Bruce Lee (rip) says,  "be water my friend".  So lately I been thinking about ME.  My likes, dislikes, ism's, and skism's.  We all have them.  Thought I'd share a few of mine.  Like to hear it? Hear it go?

I am bass ackwards. 
  and i like it.

I've always considered myself to be an old soul (thanks Gran)

During my younger school days, i was always the one to run away from the fights,  stay the hell out of mess, and be friends with the "underdog"

In high school,  I thought I was Left Eye from TLC for a lil bit.

I used to eat the hell out of ice and be standing in front the oven while eating it.

Terrible liars raise your hand
***both hands raised***   so i just dont lie

I consider my middle name to be "plain jane"

I always wished I could sing

I'm a flirt

I love the thrill of "the chase"
I have way too many journals with unfinished thoughts/phrases/poems.

I love to write, but get in the way of my own thoughts more often than not

Never considered myself a writer, poet, or hella deep.  AND my confidence level to put my writings "out there" is pretty low especially when I know so many of my artists/poet friends are REALLY good.

I'm more comfy talking to my dad about VARIOUS subjects than my mom.

Hate the fact, that its really difficult to make women friends. 

Will never trust a man or woman who can not look me in the eyes

Grew up with mostly mexicans

Often wonder how my life would have been different if I grew up in Cali or Third Ward

I have absolutely NO sense of direction

I think a man's forearm is the sexiest part of his body...then his walk.  I check those two things first

I am not super experienced in the realm of relationships

I used to eat Mac and Cheese for breakfast every morning

I worked at Target and used to steal during hard times (The creator knew my heart)--- unapologetic for my theft

I was never a latchkey kid mainly because we never had any need to lock our door at home.  Nor did we have keys to the damn doors....
**shits changed since then***

I was in the drill team in HS....the token black girl.

I would charge all the white girls five dollars each,  when they wanted their hair braided for the friday football games.

I was always the last one to get picked up from practice because we did not own a car.

After being in a 8 yr relationship( my first, my daughter's father, and I never cheated on him), I couldnt imagine rushing into another

But now 6 years later,  I THINK I'm ready.  That might change if  it rains.

I am often ALL over the place,  there is so much I want to learn.

But sometimes, taking in so much info,  I forget what i've learned.... (defeats the purposed)

Lately, been really getting into auras, dreams, meditation and the like.  ---finding it as my comfort zones.

Never used to really remember my dreams,  but now they are becoming more clear and memorable and boy are they weeeeiiiirrddd.

I can appreciate a good hard slap on the ass

Or a morning "alarm clock"

So not opposed to trying new things sexually.  Mainly out of curiousity after being with one person for 8yrs, one can only imagine.

I LOVE my family.

Was afraid of death for a long time, until I was forced to embrace and celebrate it.

I'm a good girl, but i've had my heart broken and my ego crushed.

I'm good at bouncing back though. 

Being a single mom is so challenging.  With a girl child, I often times find myself wanting to slap the shit out of her, choke the shit out her, and body slam her. But then she looks at me with those eyes.

And she is my proudest accomplishment to date.

I get super impatient with myself, when I find my life is not moving in the direction I want it to quick enough.

Never really like clothes shopping.  I am a purse, shoes, and lip chap junkie tho.

Been having really scary dreams lately of my house being broken into while me and my daughter are sleeping.

Still reallly wanna learn how to sew,  be a yoga instructor,  massage thereapists,  own a vegan cafe,  and finish my damn degree.

I'm a picky eater.  Textures and certain smells, just dont do it for me.

Sometimes i'm a laugh away from crying.

Sometimes I need a good kick in the ass, to get motivated

I'm terrible at preliminaries, but I once I get started there's no stopping

damn, are you bored yet?  I am .... unitl next time...... peace.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust......

Death, was always something that I feared for lack of understanding. I celeberate it now as a natural piece in this pie of life.  And thus.....

The Obituary

I observe them from time to time
As if reading a book
But creating my own storyline
Each face stares intently
Each face a parable
A lie
Did they live a life full of them?
A truth
Did they seek their own?
An unknown
Perhaps a lost, troubled soul?
A gracious smile
As if the fear of death, never entered their heart
A firm grimace
As if sick of life, and ready to depart
A morbid frown
As if to say, "death I'm going down with a fight"
I'm not ready to take flight
Some faceless
Retired from sight
Reserved only in memory
The Obituary
The verbiage
Last words in the gazette
One or two sentences
"Graveside services with military honor"
Was this death more honorable than the next?
The Obituary
Gone, but not forgotten
Each face, has its season
Past, present, future
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Fly free these souls
And settle where they must

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So i've know this cat since before high school.  I remember spending summers at my cousin's house and he lived in the same neighborhood.  He would cook me french fries and bring them down to my cousin's house. (With mayonnaise, because he knew I liked french fries and mayonnaise).  We actually met at at party.  He went to Lee High school and I went to Sterling.  I was never really into boys in HS, so we were truly just friends.  Around sophomore year, he transferred to Sterling, so I saw him everyday.  Still we never hooked up, we were just really cool.  So after high school,  I moved to California and we still stayed in touch.  We just always had that friendshp connection.  Unfortunately, when I met my ex,  me and my friend lost touch.  I had not heard from in years.  I moved back to Texas in 2003 and we re-connected in 2005.  Apparently he had been through quite a lot in the years we were not in touch. I mean a lot like and out of jail a lot.  When  we re-connected though,  he seemed to back on the right path.  In 2005, I was really at a low, depressing point in my life.  I had just gotten out of a long relationship and new to single-motherhood.  Well my friend was there for me.  He listened just when I needed someone outside of my family to listen.  He was definitely a shoulder to cry on.  And it became more than a shoulder at some point.  We crossed THAT line.   It seemed natural, as we had so much history and it was fun.  I kept things really light emotion-wise because I knew I didn't want a relationship after just coming out of something so intense.  But he "caught feelings"  and it really put a strain on our friendship.  Somehow, though we made it through that trial.  As a matter of fact, I think he had gotten a girlfriend which made things easier.  Well he went back to his old ways and bad decisions and ended up getting in trouble again.  Next thing I know he is in jail.  Then prison.  I visited him in jail, as it was just minutes away from my job.  As a friend, I did what I could to be supportive to him.  Then he was transferred to prison.  I used to write regularly,  but I found myself writing about the same things.  "Keep your head up"  " I pray you make it out soon"  type letters. It was starting to depress me. Moreso, because I know the type of cat he is, so much potential just gone down the drain.   So I stopped writing and now I feel bad about.  I realized HIS-story,  had nothing to do with our history.  As friends,  we will always have history.  But his choices has made HIS-story real fucked up. Now every time I try to write, its like all the ink in my pen dries up. I have no words, and I'm saddened by this.  Its like I dont want to tell him what good is going on for me out in the "free" world.  Not that he wouldn't be happy for me,  but I just know he is in there. So I'm making yet another attempt to put something on paper for my friend.  I know he would appreciate a letter.  But it is truly a struggle.

Friday, May 13, 2011

old, but new to contemplative ventilation

Amerikkkan Sheeple

Das dat forty acres and a mule type ignant
Signed, sealed, and delivered
Receiving only the bliss they choose to
Feed our minds type ignant
Fallin for the okie doke
Conforming to ways unnatural to God and
Goddessess  type ignant
Conkin our hair to look like theirs
Cursing the earth
By instilling fear
In each otha
Type ignant
Das dat forty acres and a mule type ignant
Falling for the okie doke
That nigga, bitch, hoe, fried chicken, and pork chop
Type ignant
Feed ourselves poison mentally and
Amerikkka still herding us on da plantation
We free, but unwilling to unite as a nation
Of Kings and Queens
Communicating the unseen through our third
Now blinded by dat type ignant