Monday, January 31, 2011

for it is the natural order of things

I ovastand, the natural order is for parents to leave before their children.  But I was not ready for my 89 yr old gran to leave me just yet. But on January 8, 2011 one of the greatest influences on my life, left this earthly plane.  My gran. This woman was so amazing on so many levels and she has left behind a legacy that only one of a kind individuals can leave.  She left this earth pure after fasting for 27 days.  One of my comforts is believing that from the time Drs removed the feeing tube to the time she left us, my gran was spiritually fasting.  She left the physical body pure, blessed and at peace.  I know this to be true.  I feel this to be true.  We had so many different visitors after her passing.  I heard so many stories of how much of a Godsend my gran was to so many people.  She gave with an open heart always and never expected anything in return.  She was a strong, but quiet woman with just enough feistyness.  I see that in myself.  I met family members for the first time and am convinced that I come from loins of loyalty.  So much started making sense as to why I am how I am.  I am grateful to have grown up with such a virtuous woman and can only hope and pray that I am half the woman she was.  I'mma do her proud.  I know she is happy and with her husband, my grandpa who happened to die 27 yrs ago.   2 + 7= 9 (completion)
I love you both Leo and Ethel Miller.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

spicy jambalaya

High yella’
And blue black
Nappy fro
Creamy crack
Fried chicken and pigs feet
Lentils and falafel/no meat
Thicka den a snicka
Hoola hoop through a cheerio
They wanna be us
but they cant see us
cus we too far
to see ourselves
Drum beat
Ancestral Heartbeat
Pumping royal blood
Through our veins
Let us not keep