Monday, August 13, 2012


It feels like
Like blessed assurance
Like vibratory divinity
His surefooted stance
Within her
Sanskrit graffiti-ed temple
Echoes incantations
Perceived love
Purposeful passion
Promised peace
Uncompromising desire
She welcomes
His presence
As he glides
Across her slippery dance floor
And she wishes
He would call it home
Home is warm
Sheltering him from the cold
Home is welcoming
Offering him lustful libations
A natural intoxicant indeed
Home leaves him sans
Desire to turn keys
In other doors
It feels like
Each stroke
A vibrant color
Added to an
Unfinished masterpiece
Mending pieces of her
She thought had been
Permanently broken
It feels like blessed assurance
His fourth eye
Has perfected tunnel vision
Harboring his secrets in her nooks
And she will cherish them because
He validates the exact place that
Exposes her to a glimpse of heaven
Euphoria times two
Sometimes three
It feels like vibratory divinity
Om frequencies
When they travel
Galaxies together
And reach that divine
Place as one
Home is that place
That leaves both of
Them sans desire
To turn keys
In other doors

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

need to write.  seeking inspiration..  me to my impatient self: slow down grasshoppa; inspiration will come. until then -doodle.