Friday, May 13, 2011

old, but new to contemplative ventilation

Amerikkkan Sheeple

Das dat forty acres and a mule type ignant
Signed, sealed, and delivered
Receiving only the bliss they choose to
Feed our minds type ignant
Fallin for the okie doke
Conforming to ways unnatural to God and
Goddessess  type ignant
Conkin our hair to look like theirs
Cursing the earth
By instilling fear
In each otha
Type ignant
Das dat forty acres and a mule type ignant
Falling for the okie doke
That nigga, bitch, hoe, fried chicken, and pork chop
Type ignant
Feed ourselves poison mentally and
Amerikkka still herding us on da plantation
We free, but unwilling to unite as a nation
Of Kings and Queens
Communicating the unseen through our third
Now blinded by dat type ignant

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