Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cantaloupe dreams

So I had the craziest dream last night.  I never liked the fruit cantaloupe when I was younger.  My gran (RIP), however, absolutely loved cantaloupe.  I mean she would tear a bowl of the fruit up in a heartbeat.  So as I got older, and she became more dependent, I would feed her cantaloupe.  One day, I decided to take another shot at eating some, and I nibbled a few pieces off of her fork.  I immediately fell in love with cantaloupe.  I sat and enjoyed a bowl with my gran. We sat silently and contentedly eating our fruit.  She and I communicated without communicating our love for each other. That memory didn't come back until this am, when I was remembering my crazy dream from last night. 

I was in a backyard,  I think it was my moms backyard.  There were bountiful amounts of cantaloupe hanging from the porch and trees everywhere filled with big juicy cantaloupes.  My aunt Lucille (on my dads side) was on a ladder, picking some of the fruit from the trees.  I was looking up at her and talking.  Aunty Lucille gave me some seeds to plant my own cantaloupe.  I began planting them right there in my moms backyard.  Not even five minutes later, the cantaloupe started growing right in front of my eyes.  I mean they were huge, and the more I removed, the more kept coming.  That was the end of my dream.

I'm taking this as a message from my gran(RIP).Bountiful fruits (monetary, spiritually, physically,relationship) are on their way. I just have to plant the seeds. Change is coming and I need not worry myself. Prosperity is in the works, not only for me, but my family and I will be the root. I'm listening gran.  Thank you in advance.

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