Tuesday, April 24, 2012

our conversations dance

Its always like dancing barefoot
Across a grassy field
With Mama Earth
Like Antennas
Giving and Receiving
The same frequency
But different
Our dance is in
Sync; no matter
How many times we
Change the steps
Salsa, Waltz,
Hip hop, dutty wine
We have great

Friday, April 20, 2012

I seek tranquility
Beneath his fingertips

As my temples
Secure his touch

My head rest
In his lap

A welcoming pillow
That erases
The angst of my day

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


One of my fondest memories
is helping my grandfather
build a fence to go around
our back porch
I was 8
and prolly not much help
But i was intrigued by
the level tool

Sunday- day 8

The light of the sun Gracefully pirouettes
Across my shoulders
My shoulders
A Welcoming dance floor

Light winds blow
Butterfly kisses
Across my eyelashes
My lashes
Receptive lips

The grass,
My garden tub
As I bathe in fragrances
of lilac
and Freesia

Quiet hymnals
Soundtrack this
Courtesy of cardinals
and mockingbirds

Today I REconnect

With the nature of the mother
Which is also within me
The center

Ahhh Sunday

color struck- day 7

Easin' on down
                     The yellow brick road

Under yellow skies
Toward the warmth
of the golden yellow sun

Away from yellow bellies
Tryna steal our hue

of yellow
Say it aint so

And yellow daisies
Serenade us
On our path to
Warm fuzzy feelings
Hand in hand
I am your woman
You are my man

My yellow dress
on its own
Responding to the
Twitch in my hips

and your lips
taste like ice cold

on a hot
summers day

Easin on down
                      The yellow brick road

And the end of this rainbow is our
pot of gold

day 6

Lil Birdie
Came up to me
this moanin'
Mockingly singing
I don't envy
You huemans,
With all of
Your idioms and
I fly free

put on your wings
and join

counting sheep -day 5

In my dreams
You always choose me
If only you would
Wake up and
Make it a reality.
As real as birds
Humming harmonious tunes
And beautiful sunflowers
In bloom

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Precious Metal- NaPoWriMo- day 4 (12-bar blues)

Scratched and dented, but I’m spit shine polished.
I’m scratched and dented, but spit shine polished.
Hard times kicked me 'round, but I’m not tarnished.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I reminisce ova you....-- day 3 NaPoWriMo (giving it a shot)

The sun kisses our skin
and robins eavesdrop
As we lay in our hammock
On a time

When youth was on our side
I was your beautiful bride
And you,
My handsome pride
Proud I was to
say "I do"
I will
I can
I have

As we lay in our hammock
Thirty years later
The sun kissing our skin
We are time travelling
Seems like just yesterday
We jumped brooms
Harlem shuffled

You put
cake icing on the tip of my nose
You were the icing on my
I knew
I wanted to marry you

'Member, we "snuck" away
during the reception?

Thirty years from now
We'll be time travelling
Reminiscing on the time
We were in our hammock

Reminiscing on the
day we jumped brooms
and Harlem shuffled
as robins eavesdropped
and the sun kissed our skin
I do
I will
I can
I have
Let's "sneak" away