Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Respect my Hueman

Yo, I bleed blood too
Please remove me from your pedestal
And quit telling me, I'm acting brand new
When I get angry
Cuz you used to seeing me smile
Can't a good girl, be a bitch once in a while?
Yes, I choose happiness
Yes, I choose drama free
But still,  please allow me to be me
I didn't ask for expectations
I have none of you
Please let this Hueman
Have her moment too
Before long, I'll return to happy
But in the meantime
Respect my space
We each need our time and place
When the sun aint always shining
Sometimes the rain must fall
To fertilize
Our seeds planted
But know there's growth from it all
So will you remove me from your pedestal?
And know that I, too must err
Yo, I bleed blood too
My perfect, imperfections
I willingly share

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