Friday, May 11, 2012

in a sentimental mood.  i just wanna love on him.  pet him. no words. no sound, other than the beating of our hearts, and the density of our breath in one accord.  i wanna hold him so close that his skin and my skin seem seamless. i wanna squeeze him so tight to make sure that he receives all the innerg im tryna give him.   inner g from the tip of my pinkie toe alllll the way to the very top of my head, where that lone grey hair stands. and i get a warm bubbling feeling in the nucleus of my being when i think about my head laying on his chest. his head resting on my bosom.  the tip of my nose nuzzling in the crook of his neck. our hands embraced in a firm grip of assurance. this has nothing to do with copulation. this is a vibratory exchange between two that have kept it pure and true.  it feels right. it feels like home.