Thursday, August 25, 2011

preggo talk

So one of my coworkers had her baby today and I am extremely happy and excited for her.  Motherhood is a journey for women who have been blessed enough to embark on the ups and down of pregnancy, labor and delivery, post partum, sleepless nights, and 18+ yrs of child rearing.  It truly is a beautiful experience.  Thinking of my coworker, made me really reminiscent of when I was preggo.  I really loved being pregnant and enjoyed every bit of the experience from the making of baby girl :), to the pregnancy, to the labor and delivery and  now to this day the joy of being a mother.  There is not one thing I would change about any of it. As a matter of fact, I would love to have another baby.
Well the rest of my coworkers were in disbelief when I mentioned the above to them.  "Oh hell naw, girl."   "I would never go through that again."  "My shop is closed".  You get the idea.  Even still, we continued our conversation about our birth experiences and it struck me how comfortable we all were talking in details as to the goings on of our pregnancies. It made me think, that pregnancy is such a common bond among only a special group of women who have been so blessed to experience it, good or bad.  Nobody knows what it is to have another life inside of you wiggling around and kicking,  or to have your boobies grow to Guinness book sizes, until you have actually had that feeling.  It is truly a unique experience and I guess that's why we are so comfortable talking about it amongst each other.  We can all relate.  Anyway, I'm wishing my coworker the best on her journey of motherhood and can not wait to have some preggo talk with her.  

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