Tuesday, August 23, 2011

did you miss me?

I've been contemplating lately on the disheartening fact that my daughter and her peers will never get to experience the true feeling of actually missing each other. With today's modern technologies and social networkings,  all one needs is the push of a button to find out if a friend is brushing their teeth or on vacation. While social networking does have it's benefits, such as catching up with family and friends in far places or even helping individuals find that "dream job", I also view it as an ever increasing gap for hueman interaction.  Whatever happened to a phone call, a handwritten letter, or just ole' plain in person conversation? Back in my younger days, my nickname was "phonica".  I enjoyed talking with my peers for long periods of time and   actually hearing a voice and laughter on the receiving end, and I was content with not knowing their every move. At then end of our conversation, I had time to ponder on our discussion without flipping on a computer to see what they were doing next. I had time to miss my friends.  Today, I have succumbed to facebook and twitter and although I may not always partake in the goings on, I would be fronting if I didnt say I wasnt intrigued. Even as I blog this, Im letting someone into my personal mind space if anyone chooses to read.  So I can imagine by the time, my daughter reaches the age where she can socially network. There will be innumerable ways to access information.  Nowadays, I think the best thing I can do is continue planting the seed in my daughter to appreciate people outside of a computer monitor or cell phone device. Teach her to not take people for granted,  demand her space, and respect other's space.  Most importantly, I will lead by example. Let me start by reaching out to some of my friends in person :).

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