Friday, August 19, 2011


 I have a lot of guy friends.  Granted.  However, I always make it clear that if you can not deal with the friend "box", then you gotsta push on.  If i'm interested in a guy, i'm not afraid to make it known.  So last night, I had to have THAT discussion with a guy friend, whom I actually have mad history with. He's cool, smart, talented, a lil' crazy(im convinced) but he's not for me in any other form other than a cool friend.  We rode to the Dead Prez concert together and he was trying to hug up on me in public.  Now i'm all for affection with the right person, but me and dude aint like that.  So I had to ask him to kindly remove his arms from around my shoulder, please dont touch my waist, and please stop standing so close to me.  As I type this, I realize it sounds pretty bitchy, maybe a little snobbish.  But his affectionate attempts made me really uncomfortable especially since I didnt give him the green light to be "that way."  Well I think he got a little offended when I told him that we would never be on "that" level. I'm just not interested in him like that.  Thankfully he eased off the "affection" and we enjoyed the rest of our night.
So today, I'm checking myself like what part did I play, if any, in him thinking that it was even cool to try going that route with me?  Being the natural flirt, that I am, I have not even flirted with him. Maybe because we rode together, he thought it was a date?  I dont know, I just saw it as him needing a ride to the same spot I was going to. lol.  Regardless, it made me really uncomfortable.  I realized although I always say and usually mean, I dont care what people think; it bothered what people might think.  I'm extremely single, and I didnt want it to seem otherwise. I had to let my friend know that there was no possible way we could ever be together and I was sorry if he had some secret hope stored away deep down. The funny thing is I did not even feel bad about breaking it down to him like I did because it was the honest truth and I'm sure he will appreciate my honesty in the long run.  Thankfully we are good enough friends, to get past whatever "that" was last night.

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