Thursday, November 17, 2011


The digger I deep, the more imperfect I realize I am.
Everyday I am more humbled by the opportunity to become a better me
and still remain, well ---me.  Excited by the realization of how much I don't know and the chances to learn new things.  I've never felt, like I've had to compromise who
I am to look better in the eyes of beholders... I am thankful for that skill.
Yet still,  my own conscience,  personal motivations, yearnings for growth,  urge to me to continue
Seeking that higher high.  Continued knowledge of self.  Continue love of self.
And with every imperfect step,  I trust that the universe will allow me to lead by example
 showing that my imperfections, are my unique designs.  Not cookie cut. But rather cut from various so big gumbo of huemaness.
And everyday is an opportunity to improve, acknowledge, accept, iron out, wrinkle up that cloth.
Such is this thing called life and I gratefully embrace it.

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