Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lazy lazy lazy

I did myself proud this weekend by being THE ultimate couch potato.  Since I've vowed to really slow up my pace and enjoy life a little more ,  I thought this weekend would be the perfect test.  It was fourth of July weekend and there were so many options to get into something.  Caribfest was this weekend, Essence festival, and numerous bbq's and house parties.  I did absolutely nothing, but watch movies, read books, and sleep at home.  I didn't even clean my house, and for those who know me that is a big deal.  I rested on my comfy couch which seemed to embrace me like a long lost lover.  I was completely selfish this weekend and I enjoyed every moment.  While, I don't intend to make laziness a habit, I can definitely say the rest was needed and I did not desire to be anywhere else.  Hope everyone else had a joyous, safe 4th.

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