Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I reminisce ova you....-- day 3 NaPoWriMo (giving it a shot)

The sun kisses our skin
and robins eavesdrop
As we lay in our hammock
On a time

When youth was on our side
I was your beautiful bride
And you,
My handsome pride
Proud I was to
say "I do"
I will
I can
I have

As we lay in our hammock
Thirty years later
The sun kissing our skin
We are time travelling
Seems like just yesterday
We jumped brooms
Harlem shuffled

You put
cake icing on the tip of my nose
You were the icing on my
I knew
I wanted to marry you

'Member, we "snuck" away
during the reception?

Thirty years from now
We'll be time travelling
Reminiscing on the time
We were in our hammock

Reminiscing on the
day we jumped brooms
and Harlem shuffled
as robins eavesdropped
and the sun kissed our skin
I do
I will
I can
I have
Let's "sneak" away

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