Friday, September 2, 2011

September 4, 2003

For 38 weeks, the sun shone at it's brightest
It's rays coveted my skin
And I responded with a warm glow
For 38 weeks, the skie's hue blended perfectly
With the ocean's blue
And the ocean?
Hmph, it's vastness serenaded me with songs
That made me put a lil' extra waddle
In my step, as I strolled along it's shores.
For 38 weeks, nightfall would bring
The stars, moon, and my ancestors
Through my window to
Tuck us in and tell stories of old
She would undulate,
As if playing call and response
For 38 weeks, I was the upstairs apartment
And she occupied the space below me
She would bang on our shared "wall"
With those broomstick feet as if to say
"Yall making too much dang noise
Up (out) there."
On the 39th week
On the 4th day
Of the 9th month
in the year 2003
after 8hrs of Labour
at 8:23p.m
I witnessed in her eyes a glimpse of heaven
I knew love then and
I felt Joi
Zahyon  (Heaven's) Joi
Made her entrance
My life has never been the same

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